Why Do Motorola's ListViews Look Different

There was a helpful article "Why Does My ListView Look Different?" that Motorola posted a few years ago. Unfortunately it has disappeared from the internet, as you might tell by clicking on the link. It had some crucial information on fixing a weirdness for Motorola devices that I wanted to preserve for posterity (in case anyone else starts looking for it).

Essentially, when you're on some Motorola devices, the bottom of the ListView has a shadow on it by default. In addition to that, if the ListView is supposed to take up the entire screen (even if it's not full), it doesn't. Here's a screenshot of the bug in action:

The problem is android:overScrollFooter. Motorola has a default one set and it causes sadness. To get rid of it, set android:overScrollFooter="@null" in your ListView. For bonus points, set it in a style and set that as your theme's default ListView so you never have to deal with this problem again.