Upcoming Talk: Custom Views for Profit and Pleasure

As is my wont, I'm going to be going to a few conferences in the upcoming months and giving some talks.

My new talk this year will be all about my love of custom Views on Android. It's called "Custom Views for Profit and Pleasure" and it'll be fun for the whole family (if you've got a family of Android developers).

I already gave a (shortened) version of the talk at the local Twin Cities GDG meetup this week. It's about half an hour long:

Slides are here, which you'll need because the resolution isn't that high.

The longer version of this talk will go into more technical detail about other aspects of custom Views: saving state, measurement and layout, touch events, animation, etc.

There's a couple options if you want to see the talk in person:

I'm also participating in a fireside chat at AnDevCon, the evening of November 19. Plus, I'm giving a repeat performance of I Can Animate and So Can You at AnDevCon as well.

This year I plan to convert the talk into a few articles, so if talks aren't your thing you can just hold on for a few months and the information will show up here eventually.