Recent presentations and code

I've been quite busy in the past several months!

Talk: An Introduction to Groovy and Gradle

I had been using Gradle-based Android builds for a long time before actually bothering to try to understand what's going on in them. This talk will help get you started understanding your build files.

Since this was a live coding demo, there are no slides, but you can see my presentation notes here.

Talk: Android Dependencies You Can Depend On

This presentation is about libraries I commonly use and why I use them. There were no microphones so you might have to turn the volume way up to hear me.

Slides here

Talk: Reactive Extensions: Beyond the Basics

I've seen quite a few "starting reactive extensions" talks, but few that go beyond the basics. This talk starts to fill the gap by talking about anything but the basics. It's a smorgasbord of topics that I've found useful to know when using RxJava.

Slides here

Fragmented Podcast

You may have heard of the new Fragmented Podcast from Donn Felker and Kaushik Gopal.

I was invited to join them and talk about RxJava. We talked so much it ended up as two separate hour-long podcasts: Part 1, part 2.

(The podcast itself is excellent, so you should listen to more than just those two episodes!)


Some public code I've written recently:

  • victor - A Gradle plugin that converts SVGs into PNG resources that can be used in your Android app.

  • android-svg-drawable-test - A small performance tester for SVG drawables vs. bitmaps. Used to verify that I wasn't off my rocker when writing victor. tl;dr - either is fine in most circumstances.

  • android-subscription-leaks - A small project demonstrating how RxJava + Android can cause memory leaks (along with solutions).

  • android-gfycat - This isn't a new project, but I've overhauled it to use RxJava in a far more effective manner. I've mentioned it as a sample RxJava project before - now it's something I think you should actually look at!