Year in Review (2018)

It's time for my annual review. This record is more for me than it is for you, but hey, if you want a one-stop shop for Dan's activities in 2018, this is it!

My baby was born in March, which somewhat reduced my level of output. At the very least, I was not traveling for conferences, and probably still won't be traveling in 2019, either.



Open Source

  • Advent of Code (2017)

    I setup a blank template for Advent of Code 2017 (for Kotlin users). You have to enter your own inputs (since they're randomly generated) but it gets rid of a lot of boilerplate if all you want to do is quickly run through questions.

  • I continued to maintain the following projects:

That said, navi is being deprecated (in favor of Android architecture components).


  • One Word Podcast

    I've gotten into the podcasting business. This 100% serious podcast is probably worth your time.